Advanced Air System's Power Tank

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

Some final notes
Power Tank BracketOK, so we've convinced you that you just have to have a Power Tank, right? So how do you carry this thing around with you on the trails? Advanced Air Systems has the answer for that, too. The Power Bracket is a great way to mount your tank in many vehicles. Made of heavy steel, the bracket mounts to any flat surface from the back or from the bottom. The large clamp on the front holds the Power Tank tightly so it won't go flying on the trail. It also has a loop on it for a padlock.

If you don't have a flat surface, you can use one or two Rollbar Clamps which will attach the bracket to either 2" or 2.25" tubing. The clamps have rubber backing, so they won't mess up your cage, either.

In our application, we couldn't mount the tank in the Project TJ because of space. We have a giant Tuffy rear cargo box which takes up the entire rear of the Jeep where the rear seat used to live. No matter how hard we tried, we just couldn't find a place to mount the tank. Both the back bar and the upper bar of the sport cage put the tank in a place where the lid of the storage box would hit. Our solution was to carry the tank inside the Tuffy box. Because the Power Tank is safe to store at any angle, this has worked out just fine, other than taking up space in the back.

The Power Tanks have so many uses that we continually think of more. For instance, we had a flat tire on our dolly during a house move. Power Tank to the rescue! In a jiffy, the furniture was on the move. We've even used the Power Tank for just plain old compressed air to help clean off work areas or parts.

Power Tanks are one of the most useful tools (gadgets?) you can own. As my wife says "You love that thing." Yours will, too. Just make sure you keep it full, because all of your friends are going to want in on the action. See you on the trails...and bring your own Power Tank next time!

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