Rubicon Express

First off, let me explain the concept behind the hand throttle. Your gas pedal is nothing but a lever that pulls a wire through the firewall and tugs on a spring-loaded flange which opens up the throttle body and feeds it fuel. The hand throttle itself is actually nothing more than a bicycle gear shift lever. This also tugs on a wire that mounts nearby the pedal's cable and can also open up the throttle body.

The Rubicon Express hand throttle is essentially the gear shifter, cables, and miscellaneous parts which can be used universally on just about any vehicle. We decided that it could be best set up on the Project TJ using the unused cruise control flange. If you have cruise control you will need to figure out another way to mount the cable.

The project is really very simple, however, the because of the universal nature of the kit, the included instructions were very lacking, thus the reason we went through the process of this tech report.

Everybody knows you have to have a shop mascot to do the work properly. This is CJ, our bull mastif. He told me he'd drool on me if he wasn't included in the report.

Step 2 First thing we did was remove the air cleaner box tube from the throttle body. In the highlighted area you can see the throttle return spring and to the right the unused cruise control flange. Also, because of no cruise control, underneath the air cleaner box tube there is an open channel to pass the cable through.

Step 1 Here is the hand throttle kit's parts. Also, in the bottom right corner is the Jeep/MOPAR Throttle Return Spring.

Step 3 Take the above parts from the kit and assemble as shown above. This assembly will be where the cable will pass through. The thumb screw will be used for fine-tuning your throttle's tension...much like tightening bicycle brakes.

Step 4

Notes:The Rubicon Express hand throttle is to be used only in off-road situations. Misuse can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal, as the vehicle may continue driving on it's own if left in gear.

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