Rubicon Express Extreme Duty 5.5” TJ Lift Kit
By Chad Crowell



I took the TJ to Novato Muffler & Brake for thier opinion on how best to install a muffler/exhaust that would clear the new suspension and retain the stock exhaust's quietness. They recommended a MagnaFlow muffler and new tailpipe from the catalytic converter back. I was hoping not to spend more than the cost of a new muffler, but knew after looking close under the TJ that there was no way to avoid a new system.

The new muffler body is 4" x 9", with 2.25" inlet and outlets to match the stock tubing. It has a centered inlet and offset outlet. This was small enough to work with. They told me it would be barely louder than stock but should provide a bit more horsepower to turn those 35's. Sounded good to me.

I had them weld a flange to the exit of the cat converter so that I can remove the entire exhaust for future modifications or repairs. Behind the flange is a new piece of tubing that was bent to space the new muffler down and away from the heatshield and new control arms.

The MagnaFlow muffler was welded to the short pipe described above, then a custom tailpipe was carefully measured and bent to go over the rear axle and around the spring as the stock one does. Instead of exiting beside the gas tank, where the stocker did, I had them bend it to exit between the rear tire and rear bumper, so it won't get smashed on rocks and ledges as it has in the past. (Great idea Steve & Terry!)

The result was excellent...the clearance was plentiful, the sound was barely louder than stock, and the new tailpipe exit does not interfere with the rear tire. I'm super happy with what I got for about $200.


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