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Step 8 The front end springs are now done. We then moved on to the rear.

Step 10 Remove the rear u-bolts and springs, just like the front. Then put your new ones on. Put the included shims in between the spring packs and the axle tubes. These are to help improve your driveline angle.

Step 12 The kit comes with a new extended brake line for the rear. Once you've put it on there, you can take your clamp off.

Step 9 The rear trac-bar will need to be relocated. On the 4" kit, Rubicon Express recommends that you throw away the trac-bar entirely.

Step 11 Remove the old brake line on the rear axle. You may find it useful to clamp off the main brake line while you do this.Remember not to do it too tightly or with a sharp clamp!

Your rear end is now finished. Sit back and admire your new springs for a minute, then move on!

Step 13

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