Rubicon Express
Brian installs the rear leaf spring and tightens the respective shackle bolts.
Rubicon Express
The inverted rear shock, flipped upside down out of necessity. The canister would not have fit against the axle housing.

After lunch we moved onto the rear suspension. One thing to mention is that we had to mount the shocks upside down in the rear. This was due to lack of clearance for the canister when mounted right side up. Once everything was on, we realized that the lower shackle bolts were too long and were going to hit the exhaust and the gas tank skid plate when lowered. A few seconds worth of trimming with the reciprocating saw and the problem was solved.

Rubicon Express
"Boomerang" style shackles were provided to prevent travel limited by the frame during compression.
Rubicon Express
Terry, engulfed by the fender well, attaches the rear extended brake line fitting to the rear axle housing.
Rubicon Express
The newly attached rear spring sits in place ready for the Dana 35c axle housing to be lowered onto it.
Rubicon Express
The driver-side rear swinging shackle bolt interferes with the Tomken gas tank skid-plate. Terry cuts the end of the bolt off with a sawzall.

We had taken measurements before and after the install and found out that we gained about 5.5 inches of lift all around. Since this is a 4.5 inch lift, they must have added some extra to account for the springs settling. Now for the before and after pictures.

In order to present the most accurate information about the suspension lift we could, we took measurements from each side of the YJ to give a better indication of the results of the installation. Please note that these numbers are being acquired from a vehicle carrying an unbalanced load, and parked on slighly uneven ground.
Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Driver Rocker
Passenger Rocker

Rubicon Express

Stock leaf-springs and 31" tires.

Rubicon Express

Rubicon Express 4.5" lift and 31" tires.

Rubicon Express
This step-ladder is nearly level with the top of the front bumper before the lift is installed.
Rubicon Express
The step-ladder after the lift is well under the front bumper. Much larger tires can now be accommodated.

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