Superlift 4" Rock Runner Suspension

By Cole Ford

The Install

Superlift Rockrunner
Parts and more parts!

Well, I did not take many pictures of the install. It was a pretty boring process, honestly. I had the opportunity to wait and do the install in a shop with all kinds of fancy tools but the excitement of the new lift was overwhelming. I sat down in my garage by myself and installed the lift with a rag tag fugitive set of tools that are older than I am.

From jacking it up to bolting the tires back on took about 10 hours. The first six of those were by myself and for the the last four, my buddy Tony came over to help. Keep in mind that this time includes pizza and beverage breaks, as well.

The install was pretty straight-forward, overall and reading the instructions should guide you through every step of the way. You can download the actual directions straight from Superlift in Adobe Acrobat format below. The only item that I did not do in the directions was the modification to the shifter for the transfer case. I did not do this because I had a JB Conversions Slip Yoke Eliminator and Tom Wood drive shaft on the way. Stay tuned for articles on those, as well.

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