Superlift 4" Rock Runner Suspension

By Cole Ford
The Results!

First Impressions!

Superlift Rockrunner
Please let those new wheels and tires show up soon! Awkward Puppy Stage.

I drove the Jeep for about two weeks with the stock 30 inch tires on it after the lift was installed. The first thing I noticed was that with the new suspension, the Jeep put the power to the ground better than before. The stock suspension squatted really badly when you stomped on the gas. The squatting motion itself absorbs horsepower.

The new Superlift setup did not squat anywhere near as much. It seemed a bit bouncy for the first couple of days, however, I tried not to make too many judgements until I installed larger tires, since the taller springs were designed to control the weight of the bigger wheels.

The new tires we chose are the 33 x 12.50 Dunlop Radial Mud Rovers. The tires are mounted on Ultra Wheel 50-5865 aluminum rims. The Dunlops are a fairly aggressive tire, which should provide good off-road traction and bite while retaining a moderately smooth and quiet ride on the road.


Superlift Rockrunner
Though not the tell-all test, the RTI ramp has become a standard flex test.

Super Freaky Flexy
A quick run down to High Country 4x4 Performance for a run up the RTI ramp proved very entertaining. During all of the track testing, the Jeep felt so stable that I was afraid that it would not flex. Boy was I wrong! I unscrewed Superlift's trick little sway bar disconnects front and rear and man did it flex! The unlocked Jeep climbed right up the ramp until the bump stops bottomed out. When you look at the pictures you can see how perfectly the Dunlop Mud Rover 33's tuck up in the wheel wells on the Ultra wheels. The tires look like they contact the fenders, but they really don't. I peeled the flares back to take a peak under them and found that the tire had plenty of room to move in there without hitting the fender. My only problem at this point was a front brake line that stretched tight. I spoke with Superlift about that and they had already come up with a new brake line extension bracket to include with future kits.



Superlift Rockrunner
Front end on the RTI ramp
Superlift Rockrunner
Thanks to High Country 4x4 Performance for the use of their RTI ramp.
Superlift Rockrunner
Our Dunlops tucked up very nicely inside the fender flares without much rub at all.
Superlift Rockrunner
The rear tires also tucked up nicely on the fenders.
Superlift Rockrunner
Backing up a ramp always gives an interesting perspective.
Superlift Rockrunner
Whatever rocks you go over, you eventually come back down!


Hitting the Trails


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