Superlift eXtreme Rings

By Jack Brinks

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When I test fitted the eXtreme Rings, I found that I needed to grind a bit of material off the bottom to gain a bit of ground clearance.  This has nothing to do with Superlift, as the Rings are designed to fit stock diffs.  Mine were slightly modified where I had ground off as much unnecessary material from the bottom of the diffs as I reasonably could, without compromising strength.  As you can see from the photo, it didn’t take too long to remove the unnecessary material from the rings.    

Superlift eXtreme Rings
Completed Dana 60
Superlift eXtreme Rings
Completed 14 Bolt

Installing the eXtreme Rings is really quite easy.  Some applications may require removing one end of the tie rod for clearance during installation.  Barring any complications (Murphy’s Law!), remove all but one top bolt (unless a lower bolt hole goes through and starts leaking…if it does, leave it in until you’re ready to install the Ring) and hold the cover with one hand while you remove the last bolt.  Line up your new eXtreme Ring and use the supplied longer bolts and lock washers to attach it.  If one of the lower holes starts to leak, put a little RTV on the threads before you put it in. 

Snug the bolts down, and torque the bolts per the specs in the instructions.  My 3/8” bolts required 23 foot pounds. Yours may vary.  Check for leaks, check the fluid level, re-install the tie rod if removed and, on front axle applications, Superlift recommends you cycle the steering back and forth, making certain adequate clearance is maintained between the tie rod and/or the steering stabilizer.

Superlift eXtreme Rings
Completed Dana 60
Superlift eXtreme RingsCompleted 14 Bolt

That’s it!  You’re done!  Now it’s time to go bash some rocks with confidence! 

And bash some rocks we did!  We recently headed to Farmington, NM and Cortez, CO for some serious testing.  Wheelin’ the BLM land around Farmington was great, but the new Berry Patch Trail near Cortez, was nothing short of awesome!  A small group from Texas was hosted by a few folks from Jimmy’s 4X4 in Cortez.  Other than owner, Randy, and a few of his employees, we were the first to run this extreme trail.  And, with me being the smallest, running only 38” tires (compared to 44 and 46”ers), I definitely got a chance to test the eXtreme Rings!  They saved my “axles” several times.  Check out a couple of photos…

Superlift eXtreme Rings
Superlift eXtreme Rings

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to finish the trail, (one of the rigs took out a front Detroit Locker) and had to turn around about half way through. We’re already planning to go back next year, though!

Check out eXtreme Rings, as well as other fine Superlift products, including complete suspensions systems, shock absorbers, skid plates, TruSpeed Speed Sensor Recalibrators and others at

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