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teralow 3.07 for Isuzu

By Dr. Sean Michael

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My initial impressions of the gears were muddied by a set of rebellious injectors that had idle surging, and the engine noise blaring from the disconnected shifter boot. However, with those issues dealt with later, I began to experience the smoothness of the kit, as well as how quiet it is. Since then I have had zero problems with shifting, and only notice a slight whine or hum when in Low range. The operation feels factory, and is a testament to the quality control at Tera.


The improvements that the teralow kit offers can be summed up in two ways: control and reaction time. The change to the 3.07 has made a tremendous difference in both of these factors. Obstacles can be approached slowly and are finessed over rather than being hit with momentum. This makes for a far superior ride in smoothness, as the truck seems to ooze over rocks, ditches and other obstacles. Only a very light feathering of the throttle is needed now to pull up onto and over formerly frustrating ascents. What a change this is from simply slamming into things!

The Teras allow a gentle initial contact followed by easing one or more tires against and up the form. I particularly found this helpful when approaching a steep rock face or hillside that required a lead tire to bring the front end up so as to avoid mashing the bumper. The truck eases up, and seems to beg for a hand throttle to fully take advantage of the new gears' mild mannerisms. In the same way it also eases down descents in a way I have only wished I could do in the past. What a change!

On the latter note, reaction time for obstacles and other trail driving decisions is substantially improved with the addition of the Tera gears. Things seem to happen in slow motion and I find myself almost having a leisurely air in observing, anticipating and initiating each new contour or contortion in the landscape. Whether on rock, dirt or snow this advantage is tremendous, making for better judgement calls, less freaking out, and, ultimately I suspect, less carnage from throttle and indecision.

teralow 3.07 RatiosAnd while these changes are not the equivalent of a Marlin Crawler, they constitute a fraction of the price of such overhauls, and yield very respectable crawl ratios (see chart). The teralow will provide plenty of slow going or rockcrawling up to the point where IFS is not going to cut it anymore. This is one of the reasons why they are an ideal upgrade for the Isuzu enthusiast. With locker options and 6" or more of lift, we have up to this point lacked mostly in front end articulation and low gearing. One down, and one to go!

The Tera 3.07 Low Range kit is available for virtually all Isuzu 4x4s. Tera has been aggressively making the gears available for the earlier models such as the WomBAT, and has shown their commitment to our line of trail-ready trucks. Isuzu enthusiasts need take note, as Tera is clearly here to stay in serving our aftermarket needs. With Revolver shackles and the Low Range kit they can help you "Go Farther."

But that is not all. Tera has recently announced that they will be filling another critical gap in our upgrade options. Starting in early summer 2002 they will be producing 5.38 differential gears for the 10 and 12 bolt Isuzu axles! This is a fantastic improvement (see chart) over the (hard to find) 4.77 gears offered with the 31" tire package. This new release will make Tera the only stateside producer of aftermarket differential gear sets for our trucks. Hats off to Mark Falkner's company for standing behind our badge. With these fine products they are making it easier for us to venture where no Zu has gone before!

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