TJ K&N Filter Conversion

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

This article originally ran in January of 1999. It has since been updated

List of materials needed:

  • K&N Filter # RA-0650
  • 1/2 inch plastic elbow tube
  • 12-14" of 1/2" hose
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 5/16" socket wrench
  • 10 Minutes!

    TJ SE
    K&N Fits right on top of the throttle body.

    Step 1: Remove stock air filter system by removing center tube by unscrewing the clamps on each end with a flathead screwdriver.

    Step 2: Take off the valve cover breather tube by pulling it off.

    Step 3: Now, you have two sections left; the one that is sitting on the throttle body and the one that has the stock air filter in it. With the one that is sitting on the throttle body, unscrew the clamp around the opening of the throttle body. Then take out the two (2) screws that are attached to the valve cover and take off that section of the air filter system.

    Step 4: Then, open up the top of the compartment that actually houses the air filter and remove the air filter. At the bottom you will see three (3) screws; remove them with a 5/16 socket wrench and the housing for the air filter can now be removed.

    Step 5: Take the K&N filter, (RA-0650), and turn it upside down and you will see a perforated hole. Take a sharp knife and cut out the hole.

    TJ SE
    Green tube is the breather hose.

    Step 6: Then, you will need a ½ inch elbow to stick in there. You can use some silicone to seal it in there.

    Step 7: Then, you will need about 12 to 14 inches of ½ inch hose for the valve cover breather.

    Step 8: Attach the hose to the end of the elbow on the K&N. It's a lot easier to attach it now, then later

    Step 9: Now, take the K&N and insert it directly onto the throttle body. You might have to wiggle it on there, but it will fit. After you get it on, tighten the clamp down.

    Step 10: Then, attach the other end of the hose to the valve cover breather. And, that is it.

    You have completed the installation of your K&N filter. Now, you can literally hear the air being sucked into your engine. By the way, the way the K&N can be most effective is to also have a performance catback system on your TJ also. This way, you can get the maximum airflow into your engine. Enjoy and happy trails!!


Editor's Notes: This may not be street-legal in your state and may also void your manufacturer's warranty. Check first. Also, K&N is a registered trademark of K&N Engineering, Inc..

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