TJ K&N Filter Conversion

By Mike "TXJEEPER" Cohn

This article originally ran in January of 1999. It has since been updated

List of materials needed:

  • K&N Filter # RU-0960
  • 5/16" Socket Wrench
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • Piece of 2" hose
  • 2-Nylon Zip Ties
  • Dremel Tool or Saw
  • 10 Minutes!

K&N 3
The finished product

Step 1: Undo the accordion clamp, using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 2: Remove the air cleaner box top and take out the stock filter.

Step 3: Once the filter is out there will be three bolts on the bottom of the box. They're pretty tight in rubber gaskets. Use your 5/16" socket and ratchet them all out. As they come loose, the nuts will fall to the floor underneath. You can then pull the air cleaner box out and throw it in your closet.

Step 4: Now, pull off the rubber breather hose from the larger hose.

Step 5: Next, unscrew the clamp on the throttle body end of the hose. Your hose is now loose and can be pulled out altogether.

K&N Install
Get rid of the accordion and install new filter.

Step 6 (or bye-bye warranty): Get a Dremel tool or saw and cut the accordion end off of the hose. See photo above. Cut right at the edge of the accordion.

Step 7: Now, reinstall the hose on the throttle body and tighten the clamp down.

Step 8: Slide the K&N air filter on the other end of the hose and tighten it's clamp.

Step 9: Technically, you're done, but you'll notice that the whole assembly is a little loose and floppy. Get a piece of 2" hose and cut off a 2" section. Now, cut that section in half. Place one half inside the other half. You now have a cradle for the large plastic hose to sit on.

Step 10: Place the cradle under the hose. There is a plastic piece there that you can use to tie-wrap the hose down with two wraps to secure the whole assembly nice and tight. You're done! Now, breeeaaattthhheeee. Aaaaahhhhhhh.


Editor's Notes: This may not be street-legal in your state and may also void your manufacturer's warranty. Check first. Also, K&N is a registered trademark of K&N Engineering, Inc..

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