York Air Compressor Installation
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York Air Install for Jeep TJ-Part 2

Installing the Dual Alternator Pulley

Alternator reinstalled with new Kilby Pulley.To begin the installation, remove the positive and negative cables from your battery. Then, loosen the serpentine belt and move it off the alternator and A/C compressor if you have one. Then, remove the alternator, which is secured with two bolts (one above and one below). Carefully remove the wires from the rear of the alternator, taking care to not lose the very small nuts you will be removing. Pull the alternator from the Jeep and secure its pulley in a vice. Using an air gun and socket, remove the large nut from inside the pulley. Twist the alternator free from the pulley. Install the new Kilby pulley on the alternator, place it in the vice, and replace the nut on the alternator with the air gun. Reinstall the alternator in reverse order and the hard part is done!

Installing the Bracket

Spacer for driver side of A/C pump.Since I have A/C, my version comes with a small 4.5" x 1" spacer that fits under the A/C compressor on the driver side, aligned from front to back. If you have A/C, remove the four mounting bolts so that the A/C compressor is loose. Simply lift the A/C a bit and slide the spacer in. Loosely install the two provided, longer 8mm x 110mm driver side bolts and flat washers to hold the A/C and spacer to the A/C mounting bracket.



The main bracket installed.Next, take the main York bracket and place it between the A/C pump and mounting bracket so that it hangs out into the open area of the engine compartment. The longer side of the bracket points upward. Loosely screw in the two original bolts to hold the main bracket and A/C down.



The angle bracket attached to the main bracket and A/C pump.Next, the small angle bracket must be attached. This bracket helps to support the weight of the York by securing the top of the main bracket to the opposite side of the A/C pump. To install this bracket, remove the two bolts you loosely screwed in after installing the spacer bracket. Then, using the supplied 5/16 x 1" bolts, flat washers, and Nylock nuts, attach the angle bracket to the two holes at the top of the main bracket. Finally, reinstall the two bolts you just removed through the angle bracket and the A/C pump. Tighten the four bolts that secure the A/C pump snugly (21 ft. lbs.), as well as the two securing the main bracket to the angle bracket.

At this time, place the York into its new spot and note on the fender where the York rests on it. You should be able to tell, by using the V belt and looking at the position of the York, if you will have to cut your fender. If you can set the York flat against the bracket and get the belt around the York pulley and the alternator pulley, you might not need to cut. If you do have to cut, trim away the fender until there is a hole large enough for the York to rest in while bolted to the Kilby bracket. Remember, cut away enough so that when the engine torques, the York still does not touch the metal. Below are some pictures of the fender material I removed.

The yellow outlines the hole I cut for the York compressor.Another view of the hole where the York pokes through the fender.


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Some information courtesy of the Jeep Tech pages.

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