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Bessemer, Alabama

THINK JEEPIn the early 50's, Leo Rosser and his son, Leon, started a humble, single-pump, gas station in Bessemer, Alabama. That little gas station soon became a bumper to bumper auto parts store and the oldest Jeep dealer in Alabama. Today, Leon Rosser THINK JEEP is one of the largest Jeep parts dealers in the world.

After a stint in Korea, during the Vietnam conflict, Leon's oldest son, Larry, joined the business. In the 70's, Larry became responsible for establishing the important contacts with the US Postal Service. Leon Rosser became the VMF (Vehicle Maintenance Facility) parts supply for DJ and FJ series postal vehciles. This, eventually, made Leon Rosser the world's largest supplier of postal Jeep parts; a title they still hold today.

THINK JEEPLarry realized there was a booming market for other Jeep vehicle parts and began to warehouse more general parts. As interest and sales increased, the warehouse grew rapidly, as section after section was added. Today, Leon Rosser takes up the better part of the same city block they've sat on since 1955.

THINK JEEPDuring the early and mid-80's, Larry noticed the decline of postal vehicle parts sales with the introduction of new contracts to the postal service, such as the LLV (AM General's Long Life Vehicle). Larry looked for new avenues to keep the company afloat. Noting the trend of 4WD parts and accessories, he spent day and night taking photos and produced the first copy of the Leon Rosser "THINK JEEP" catalog.

Today, Larry's younger brother, Ken, has taken over the catalog production and advertising, allowing Larry to run the general business. Bringing in the fourth generation of Rossers, Larry's son, Todd, now handles Internet marketing for THINK JEEP.


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