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SEMA Show and International Tire Expo

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"Vegas, baby! Vegas!" - Vince Vaughn in the movie, Swingers
I began repeating this line some time in August when we booked our plane tickets and hotel room for the SEMA Show and International Tire Expo (ITE). If you're unfamiliar with the SEMA Show, here's the scoop. SEMA is the Specialty Equipment Market Association, who's purpose is to bring together manufacturers, dealers, shops and anyone else in the aftermarket car and truck industry.

Each year, SEMA holds their big show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is open only to members of SEMA and to the press ( is both). This year's show had over 6,000 product displays from over 1,300 vendors and filled the entire Convention Center, plus 2 extra tent-buildings and a parking lot. In addition, there were cars and trucks on display across the street at The Beach and a hot rod show at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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The big attraction of the SEMA show is that just about every manufacturer you can think of has a booth there. This is the big show of the year for vendors to show off their new products for the coming year. If you miss SEMA, you could be in big trouble!

The show is not just for off-roaders. Oh no! There were tons of Ford Focuses (Focusi?), PT Cruisers, monster trucks, low-rider import cars and even Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Saleen supercars. But we went for the trucks!

We visited for three of the four days of the show and walked the booths from 7 or 8am each day until the 5pm closing. By the end of day one, our feet hurt...a lot. By day two, everything hurt. By day three, we could no longer remember who we spoke to on day one and could barely even stand up and see straight! But, we pushed on!

Follow along as we show you what we saw at the show. Enjoy!

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