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New Products from Bully Dog

Watch Dog Digital Gauge
Bully Dog Technologies’ new Watch Dog gauge provides optimal protection by communicating directly with their advanced plug-in modules. Engineered for supporting powerful performance on Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge diesel trucks, the Watch Dog digital gauge monitors exhaust and transmission temperatures, turbo boost pressure, and automatically defuels engines back to safe levels when temperatures get too hot.

Bully Dog’s Watch Dog has benefits in abundance. Not only does it save your diesel engine from serious damage due to excessive exhaust temperatures, its digital readout is easy to read, and is seated in a pod designed for window pillar-post mounting. By monitoring transmission and exhaust temperatures as well as turbo boost pressure all in one attractive digital gauge, the Watch Dog is a much-desired space saver.

Bully Dog

Ford Flip Chip
Bully Dog Technologies’ new Flip Chip for the Ford Power Stroke is a plug-in module that fits 1994-2002 engines.

The Flip Chip switches between stock, high, medium, and low horsepower with an in-dash switch and is programmable to suit specific customer requirements. This allows for a multiuse vehicle that can be used for racing and towing, for example, without the need to change chips. A driver only has to flip the switch to change the setting.

The chips are programmable with four different horsepower settings that the customer chooses - up to 125 hp, or stock engine power can be left and three custom settings programmed. An owner can switch between settings while the vehicle is running, whether stationary or moving.

The innovative Flip Chip is engineered to run the lowest exhaust temperatures in the industry; running 50-100 degrees cooler than most other manufacturers’ lowest horse power chips. Installation is simple, taking approximately 45 minutes for an individual with little installation experience.

Bully Dog

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