SEMA Show 2002

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Mag-Nuts Wheel Fasteners

Mag-NutsA MacLean-Fogg Company, is introducing a new line of lug nuts, MAG-NUTS". These wheel fasteners are designed with special features that are unique from those found in the marketplace. MAG-NUTS " are made with a stainless steel cap that has a patented circumference weld and crimped. The stainless steel is treated through a unique polishing that is not found on any fasteners in the industry, and produces a shine that is appealing to the aftermarket community.

These lug nuts will not Crack, Chip, Peel or Rust. The acorn and shank style fasteners come in a variety of sizes and will be on display at the 2002 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV.

Visit: www.mag-nuts.com



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