SEMA Show 2002

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New Products from Sensoro

Sensoro WayfinderExhibiting at the 2002 SEMA show for the first time, PNI Corp. plans to unveil its newest high performance line of radar detectors. The Sensoro brand of radar detectors include the bilingual English/Spanish Alpha, the cordless Traveller and the cordless, bilingual Traveller II.

The cordless Traveller and Traveller II radar detectors have won praise from users and critics alike. In a recent test conducted by independent Speed Measurement Laboratories (www.speedzones.com), Sensoro radar detectors beat out their competition and won such praise as: "Stunning radar performance...WOW!" and "Only detector to see Bee III". These convenient, cordless detectors are invisible to police radar detector sensors and have capabilities well beyond those of the average detector, sensing radar 6 times faster than it can sense you.

The Wayfinder V7000 (pictured) is the total package. This digital compass includes PNI's patented compass technology, and predicts sun, clouds, or rain based on changes in barometric pressure, so you are always prepared for the weather to come. The thermometer reads both inside and outside temps in either °F or °C, while the ice alert feature alerts the user when the temperature reaches 35° to warn of the danger of ice on the road. On those trips to the mountains, the altimeter keeps consistent readings so you know exactly where the snow line begins.




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