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Open Country M/T Tires from Toyo Tires

Toyo Mud Terrain TireToyo Tires® announces their aggressive new off-road style Open Country M/T™ (mud terrain) tire for light trucks and four-wheel-drive vehicles. The result of extensive product engineering and field development, the Open Country M/T™ is designed with a deep lug tread to meet challenging off-highway conditions.

Initially developed in 38X15.50R18 and LT325/60R20 sizes, the Open Country M/T’s great, aggressive appearance will enhance the looks of any pickup and SUV, including specialty vehicles such as the new Hummer H2. Toyo’s DSOCII™ (Dynamic Simulation Optimized Contact) technology incorporates a supercomputer to dynamically simulate tire behavior under a variety of operational conditions. Excessive tread noise is minimized through the use of CASPAN™ (Computer-Aided Simulator for Pattern Noise), while STACS™ (Structural Analysis Computer Software) is used to simulate tire response to a variety of road surfaces, optimizing braking, steering and acceleration. According to Kevin Lakkis, Product Manager, Light Truck Tires, Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corporation, “The silhouette of the tread pattern on the Open Country M/T™ is continued onto a portion of the sidewall of the tire. This allows for maximum traction when reducing air pressures in mud, sand or gravel. ”

Whether fording streams, slogging through deep mud, snow or sand, or just driving down the highway, the new Open Country M/T™ will provide the ultimate combination of aggressive looks and all around traction. Its cap ply construction enhances belt endurance, while its new technology design provides a more durable sidewall and the benefit of a more stable handling on vehicles with high ground clearance.

For more information on Toyo’s new Open Country M/T™, log onto their web site at toyo.com or visit teamtoyo.com to download a wallpaper of a Toyo lifted truck featuring Freestyle Motocross Champion Carey Hart. Toyo manufactures and distributes a complete line of high performance and original equipment replacement tires for passenger car, light truck, commercial truck, bus, off-road and construction applications.

Visit: www.toyo.com



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