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Story by Eric "REDSPY" Boyer

Battling the Phoenix Serpent

AnacondaWhat do you do in Arizona in February when it's 86 degrees outside? Go rockcrawling! Rick Hanse led several vehicles up the Anaconda trail in his '79 CJ-5. Rick loves to go out and thrash on his Jeep!

The second waterfall was the only place requiring Rick to use his winch. Jack McCullen had just finished up the rear suspension on his CJ and was showing off for us. The Jeep really twists up good and made the trail look easy until he listened to me. It was the only time he had to back up. He only tried one of the lines that I recomended for maximum articulation.

My rig, Redspy, didn't make it up the trail very far this time. I broke the left rear axle again! The same one i just got done fixng two days before. Luckily I never made it past the first waterfall or else I probably would have had to leave my Jeep there overnight.

Zane, who drives the brown CJ, is always looking for a good time. He just laughed while going up the 4th waterfall with the big rock right in his lap. He actually laid it on it's side while driving up the waterfall.

AnacondaGood ol' Todd McCullen took his Scout out for the last time. His Binder really twists good with the rear goofy leaf, but it's just too big for these tight Arizona trails! He's going to be back with a Jeep in a few months!

After the trip, i parked the Jeep in the garage and decided to replace the rear end and while I've got that apart I figure that i might as well just redo the whole rear suspension. I can't wait to get it done!




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