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Story and Photos by Jamie "Lefty" Sanecki

The Badlands - Attica, Indiana

AtticaAfter spending a month on the road, I figured it was time for some time off and a 4x4 trip. I had Amber (Squirt) put up a post on Jeepthing's message board to see if we could get a few people to go with us. My buddy, Mike, from CO said he would be coming in to town with his newly acquired '91YJ and wanted to put it to a test.

As it turned out, no one from Jeepthing could make it and we spent the night prior to the trip like any other night before, making repairs and mods. that should have been done months ago when they had broken or were thought up.

AtticaFinally, at 12:30am, I was finished and able to get a few hours of sleep before the 4am wake-up. We actually got started on time, which is unusual for us or any group of wheelers I know, and only had two minor problems. Neither CB was working, but not everything can be perfect right? We left it and took off, anyway.

The trip went fairly well. We had no major problems, except when I ran out of fuel. I should know not to trust the gauge, but just the same, I was out of fuel and had to walk to the fueling station, because Mike was several miles ahead.


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