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Story by Mike Scott
Photos by
Mike Scott and Tom Chapman

Once you get to the top of 3-Stage Hill you get to an optional spot, called The Wall. Though very steep, the rock does offer some slick-rock-like traction for those with lockers.

McKinley Rock
Tom Chapman's Glory takes on The Wall.

McKinley Rock

McKinley Rock
Unless you've got serious lift and 35's you will probably high center as you break over the top. Then, on the way over, there is a huge boulder that can't be seen by the driver. I actually bashed the hell out of my nerf bar when I got caught and then slammed right into the boulder. Oops!

McKinley Rock
Aaron the Aggie hits the rock as his passengers hold on for dear life.

McKinley Rock
Just when you get to the top and think you're done, you find out how extreme the break-over is!

McKinley Rock


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