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Story and Photos by Tony Newsom and Mike Stoker

DeLeon, Texas
Texas gets a new trail

DeLeonShortly after that I went on to wedge the Scrambler's rollcage on a tree. After some very clever winching, I made it out easily. Next, was The Swimming Pool. Being first has its benifits, but not this time. I dropped into the deep end of the pool, even though I was saying that it looked pretty deep. Really Deep. The 35" BFG Mud T/A disappeared under the water and the fan started to kick up water. I winched out until the fan was clear of water. Everyone else went in the shallow end.

We went forward to The Diving Board. The only problem here was that Lance nicked his rear corner but not bad. Mike and I made it through just fine. After Lunch we made it out by pushing a few trees over. (Editor's Note: According to Tread Lightly it is ok to down trees when building a trail and it is deemed necessary).

DeLeonThe Gas Line Trail was next. On the other side of the property there are a lot of potential trails. One that took almost no cutting was the Gas Line Trail. Under the trail is a natural gas line, so the gas company has already done the hard part. The only problem was there is a natural spring at the top close to the rocks. Under all that mud is a hard base. Lance was the first up, me second, Mike last. All I could see was mud flying and a black jeep with the tires spinning. Note: I've been wheeling with Lance for awhile and there has only been a few times that he has gone through mud, let alone tires spinning! Lance cleared the path but there was still mud down. Mike and I made it with no problem.


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