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Story and Photos by Tony Newsom and Mike Stoker

DeLeon, Texas
Texas gets a new trail

DeLeonThe next hill had a short rock climb then a left-hand turn, then a tight right-hand turn. If you don't have the right combination of finesse and speed, then you'll have problems.

We played on another hill after that, then we went on to a creek crossing. We dropped into the creek and traveled through it for about 100 yards. We then climbed a hill that not one vehicle had ever been up. At the top is an obstacle very similar to Fort Hood's (Central Texas) Nosebleed.

We all made it fine except when I went up then came down far to the right side with a long travel down. I had to winch myself out. The next thing was the same creek, just on the other side of the hill. We went through it for about 75 yards, then climbed a hill that no one had problems on.

DeLeonAt this time, a jeep from No Mercy Jeepers joined us. The day was getting late, so we went on to play on what I would call the Wall of Obstacles, which got it's name because it is a long rock formation about ten feet tall and runs for at least 200 yards. After playing on the other we called it a day.

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