Florida Vacation
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Story and Photos by, David Brill

Florida Vacation

On Sunday a few folks left standing from Saturday night headed over to the Tower trail, which is now, unfortunately, under new ownership and they do not want people traveling on their land. Oh well, we turned around.

Along the way, they noticed someone in a mini-van unloading a bunch of garbage off the side of a dirt road. They called the local police and had the people arrested and fined.

That finished up a great weekend Florida Vacation for the Eastern 4 Wheelers. This has already become a yearly, waited for, club event. It fills up every year. We may go a little larger next year. Let's hope so!

Tommy Muzio
Tommy Muzio and Cowbeast, sinking fast.

Tommy Muzio
Tommy "Got Mud?" Muzio, up and over a boulder on the second obstacle, "Two Step."
Jason Handler
Jason Handler's Mazda has a Ford 8.8" rear-end, Lock-Right in back and serious fender-trimming.

Dave Brill
Dave Brill "Marlinized" 4-Runner flexing up the right side of "Two Step."
Nick Jennings
Nick Jennings' tired Land Cruiser runs a V-8, ARB and Detroit.


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