Fort Hood
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Story and photos by TXJEEPER

Plum Crazy
Fort Hood Army Base - March 14, 1999

Meet Project T-Bone

Bought for just a couple hundred bucks, this is turning out to be a very capable low-buck 4x4.

Watching this extreme-built TJ made me miss mine, for sure. Custom axles, 35's, Atlas II, yada yada yada...

Chicken Foot
Rich plowed and plowed and tried everything he could to make it over.

Chicken Foot
Where can we find a valve stem? Hmm...Project T-Bone still had it's original road spare!

This is it's pretty side!

Nose Bleed
This is Nose Bleed. Rich was the only rig to attack the nearly straight up obstacle.

Chicken Foot
The end of the day brought us to a Chicken Foot marathon, as Jayson and Rich fought and fought over the no-way-you're-gonna-make-that first leg.

Chicken Foot
Even adding a passenger to balance the truck didn't work. Finally, after losing the bead and repairing his Bogger, he made it over.

Clean Up
Mark's Wagoneer busted a motor mount and caused his crushed oil filter to leak all over the trail. Here's the gang Treading Lightly on the trail by packing out the oil spill in a plastic bag.

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