Fun In The Desert VII
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Story by John Buell
Photos by The Rockaholics

Fun In The Desert VII
Johnson Valley, CA

Perfect weather, an incredibly well run event and some of the gnarliest trails in the nation awaited the hardcore participants at Rocktoberfest this year. You have probably heard it before, but I will say it again, the Victor Valley Four Wheelers have turned Johnson Valley, California into "Hardcore Heaven".

To realize just how hardcore this place is, all you have to do is glance around at the rigs present. The only wimp-wagons present were tow vehicles!

The "easiest" trail in Hardcore Heaven is rated a conservative 4+, but that doesn't mean that there's not a 5+ obstacle thrown in here or there to keep you on your toes. If your rig is not fully prepared, (limited-slips and freeway gears don't cut it here) don't even bother showing up. Perhaps just as important is the drivers' mental state. Intense concentration plays a large part in picking the correct line and sticking with it. No Concentration = Total Humiliation.

Bright and early Saturday morning, the Rockaholics lined up for Aftershock. Due to a late registration, our choice of runs had been narrowed down to one (darn it, its only a 4+). On the last major obstacle of the day appropriately named "Depreciation Knob" we had the chance to meet Jp Magazines new editor, Rick Pewe'. Rick and a staff photographer were there doing a feature story. Sunday morning we joined Larry "Rockwalker" MaCrae and the Inland Empire 4-Wheelers for an assault on Clawhammer, rated 4+ on the lower half and 5+ after that. Both trails dished out plenty of action and broken parts. If you love the sound of metal on rock, (like we do) Hardcore Heaven won't disappoint.

The hospitality displayed by the Victor Valley Four Wheelers was second to none and our hats are off to them for the time and energy expended to "create" these trails. The Rockaholics enjoyed Hardcore Heaven so much that we are returning in a month for a 5-day stay (with plenty of spare parts!)




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