High Desert
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Story by,
John Buell (Leader of the RockaHolics)

Photos by,
Mike Troy & The Inland Empire 4-Wheelers

In the month of May...in the year 1998...in a Galaxy not all that far away, all eyes focused on one... Pucker Canyon. This stronghold was known to be the location of The Death Rock, the Empire's largest single threat to all that was Good in the Galaxy. The Galaxy Council concurred that The Death Rock must be destroyed. But by what means?? It was evident from reconnaissance photos that Pucker Canyon was now impenetrable, any attack would be a suicide mission.

BuellTo Commander Larry Rockwalker the solution was obvious. After all, the Galaxy's first line of offense had always been his rebel-unit, the Crawlers. This highly specialized group of 4 wheel drives were well armored, and their crews experienced. Rockwalker knew the challenges of Pucker Canyon first hand, (he had fought there in the War of '97). Standing before The Council, he boldly volunteered his unit to act as a battering- ram for the Galaxy Command Forces. It was agreed that the Crawlers would depart immediately.

Upon reaching the jaws of the canyon, it became apparent that the photos had been accurate, Pucker Canyon seemed to contain more rocks than an asteroid field!

Rockwalker heads for trouble...

...and finds it

BuellUndaunted, Rockwalker's unit pushed onward. Gears whined as tires fought valiantly for a firm purchase. Progress could only be measured in inches-per-hour. Radios crackled as enthusiastic pilots and co-pilots exchanged attack strategies in the heat of battle. Pucker Canyon was indeed a formidable foe, employing all of her defenses in an attempt to thwart the advancing Crawlers.


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