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Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamboree
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2000 Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamborees
Williamsburg, Kentucky
by: Chad Adams
Photos by: Chad Adams and Tim Rettig

Cumberland FallsThe 2000 Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamboree, held in Williamsburg, KY was destined for success. With the Jamboree being moved up a week from the previous year, the fall colors were sure to be in full fashion for the attendees. And, with the addition of a more challenging trail for the larger rigs, event-goers were sure to find just the right amount of difficulty for their level of expertise.

Participants began to arrive early on Thursday afternoon. As a trail guide, I had been in Williamsburg since Tuesday night (early Wednesday morning was more like it). Upon my arrival, there were already RV’s in the camp ground awaiting the arrival of the Jamboree weekend. It was still nearly 36 hours until the start of the Jamboree and I could already feel the excitement growing.

Thursday began with the trail guides checking out the status of their trails and doing any trail clean up that needed to be completed. I ended up staying behind and doing some necessary vehicle maintenance (replace broken u-joint, grease drive shaft centering kit, repack the bearings in the front axle hubs, and give the TJ a good ole fashioned warshin’). I have to admit, the work on my Jeep had to be better than cleaning the trails, and I got to stick around to see all of the vehicles arriving in Williamsburg, so the day wasn’t a total loss for me.

Thursday evening, Jamboree participants began filing into the Williamsburg Convention Center. One by one, fellow Jeepers from around the country filed into the small town and began placing their names next to the trail that they felt best suited their ability. The University of Tennessee had sent some representatives of an OHV Impact study that they have been conducting to the Jamboree to get feedback from all of the Jamboree participants. I made sure to let it known to them that what we are doing isn’t hurting the environment, and that we have as much right as anyone to be there.

Friday morning came early. The trail guides all sat around a table on Thursday night for their customary “last supper” before the Jamboree kicked off. Getting back to the hotel, getting settled down, and then actually make it to sleep poses as much a challenge as a 24” vertical wall with a stock YJ… it just didn’t happen. I was awake most of the night… and Friday morning was a rough one.

Cumberland Falls Cumberland Falls



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