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Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamboree
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2000 Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamborees
Williamsburg, Kentucky
by: Chad Adams
Photos by: Chad Adams and Tim Rettig

StackedSaturday evening was the close of the Jamboree, with prizes being presented to the attendees and a special birthday celebration for Dale of The Searcher's; the company who films several of the Jeep Jamboree videos that are sold to participants. Dale was very surprised when a special birthday congratulations was offered up by his hero, Hi-Lift Man!!! If you've never met Hi-Lift man, you'll have to come to the Cumberland Falls Jeep Jamboree to do so. He is a regular attendee of the Jamboree.

The evenings after the trail ride were anything but boring. Participants would hurry into the dinner hall where you would hear them telling stories of the day's events, hills not climbed, mud holes not escaped, and rocks unforgiving. From the trail guide aspect, it was like being back in time, back to when crawling over a medium sized rock and getting a little off-camber was enough excitement for one day. The trail guides had their share of fun, using tires as R.T.I. ramps, planning future events, and poking fun at one another. Friends were made, worries forgotten, memories were forever etched into the minds of every person who attended. If you've not experienced a Jeep Jamboree, maybe it's time you should.

Pictures of the Devil's Staircase
Compliments of
Tim Russell
Cumberland Falls Cumberland Falls
Cumberland Falls Cumberland Falls


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