By William Karstens
Photos by Anders Karlsson

The day had not ended, though. Some of the lines were harder on the way back for the stock Jeeps, especially the YJ. As the sun set, going up Dangerous Road was going to be interesting. A look at the thermometer indicated that it was 42 degrees and dropping. By the time we got there, the sun was gone and the slush and snow run-off had turned to ice. Almost everyone had difficulty at some point. Scott was busy spotting and what had taken us twenty minutes down took us about 45 minutes to go up. His Detroits made for some low-side finding, as well.

Los Coyotes
James hits the granite
Los Coyotes
Picking the line

Just as I was on the CB and heckling him for struggling, I got stuck with my bumper not allowing for me to back up and open diffs not allowing for me to go forward. Humbly, I climbed out and got hooked up to pull off.

At the trailhead, everyone reconnected and aired up. James and his gang looked tired, but elated and satisfied from the trip. Everyone had a great time, and maybe even a little more than they had planned for.

Los Coyotes
James hits the granite
Los Coyotes
Stradling the V

As I rechecked the gear and got ready for the highway, all conversation was on the experience. A whole bunch of Jeep waves and we were off. Various emails followed and future trips were planned. James is bringing most of the first bunch back - more equipped for the trail, and a few more folks eager to try things out for the first time!


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