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FRIDAY, April 10

Hot Tub
Moab slickrock is famous for it's hot tubs, where water has formed deep holes in the rock. I guess Mother Nature is a four-wheeler.

Hell's Revenge is famous for it's nearly straight up, vertical climbs.

Tip-Over Challenge is one of the best-named obstacles in Moab. It begins with a steep ascent, then a crack, and then a very off-camber step to the right. Very tricky stuff.

Don't tip too far, Tim!

Miles and miles of seemingly endless slickrock.

Everyone gathers to watch the show!

Muddy gets over the first step and tries to turn right up the second.

I had done this last summer when the TJ was bone stock. It was scary as hell then. I said a little prayer and started crawling up the hill. I picked the perfect line! After the first step, if you hit the crack right and turn hard to the right, you go naturally into the correct line for the second step. My ARB's did me right and the TJ walked it like it was flat! I couldn't believe it!

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