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MONDAY, April 6

Well, the weather today was a bit iffy. I believe the term the National Park Service used was "unsettled." We had originally decided that we'd run Golden Spike, however, it was cold, raining, and we were still in search of some of our run-buddies. "Team Rockcrawler," as it had become known, was myself (TXJEEPER) with Rick Jones and Matias Benavidez in the Project TJ and Tim Kyle and his brother-in-law, "Lesbo" in the Voodoo Chile TJ.

After we went to the Spanish Trail Arena for registration and to pick up our information packets, we found our friend, Scott Argyle (along with his wife), who is a bit of a regular around the Moab area and knows the trails quite well. Scott was running one of his CJ-6s. He had his friend, Sean with him in his 1974 Land Cruiser FJ-40.

We decided that we'd run Fins and Things today. As the name describes, the trail is made up mostly of sandstone fins (slickrock) and other assorted "things" like sand. The entrance is right past the Sand Flats camping area and is right next to the Hell's Revenge trail.

Sean in his FJ-40
We realized very quickly, that the Easter Jeep Safari was not Jeep-exlusive! I'll never hear the end of it from Rick, since his FJ-40 is basking in the South Texas sun.

Sean in his FJ-40
We managed to have a few moments throughout the day that were clear and warm. The rest of the day was rainy, grey and cold!

Tim's Voodoo Chile
Tim is running stock Dana 35 and 30 axles and 3.07 gears with 35" Mud Kings and Teraflex springs and body lift.

Project TJ
I was having a great time today playing with my new 4.11 gears and ARB Air Lockers.

Project TJ
We certainly don't have gravity-defying hills like this back home in Texas. I just can't get enough of the low-gear slow climbs on the slickrock.

Sean in his FJ-40
Sean's FJ-40 easily articulates over the rocks with it's Soft Ride suspension and 33" Big O's.

Tim's Voodoo Chile
Tim never passes up a moment to look good on the trails.

The Voodoo Chile
Though he only has Trac-Lok in the rear end, Tim's large tires proved to be an advantage in many spots.

Project TJ
The amazing Moab slickrock was nice and sticky. The Project TJ idled right up many hills throughout the day.


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