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Golden Spike

Golden Spike...err...axle
This is the Golden Spike logo painted at the spot where it branches off from Poison Spider Mesa. It seemed later, that this was perhaps a warning sign. It looks awefully similar to my broken axle. More on that later!

I hit it a little too right for comfort. The Teraflex was fully extended and I was feeling that sickening feeling in my gut, that I was no longer gravity's friend and shouted for a little help.

Steve Yacucha made easy work of the crotch.

Launching Pad
The Launching Pad is a true blast. It goes practically straight up!

There is an awesome crotch on Golden Spike. Way off-camber if you hit it....right!

The video of this is great. Tim only has a limited slip in the rear. He got his front end up and was spinning tires and staying in place, like a treadmill! It was wild stuff!

Matius made a new friend way above the Colorado river.

Launching Pad
The view from above. If you really want to have fun (like us) you go back down! Better have good gearing or you're at the mercy of your brakes!

See the Golden Crack!