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TUESDAY, April 7

Today the weather began a little bit nicer than yesterday. Today's run was Hellroaring Rim, which is a 3 rated trail. We began with a bit over 30 vehicles. The ride to the trailhead was about 20 miles from Moab. The full trail would be 40 more miles. The trail was pretty basic, really, with only a couple of hills really worthy of the 3 rating. Most of the trail was just sandy paths. After about 12 or 13 miles we decided we wanted to explore some other areas and left the group in favor of finding some sand flats and dunes.

The Line up
We lined up at the North end of town for the run.

TX Step
There really wasn't a whole lot of difficult terrain on the trail. There were a few steps here and there.

Project TJ
Hellroaring Window was our first big stop on the trail.

TX Wave
Yours truly on the trail. It's nice not having to do all of the photography! Thanks, Rick, Tim, and Lesbo.

A little dip or two were around, as well.

Hellroaring Window
The window is on the left. The canyon is pretty deep!


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