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Story by
Jimmy "Big Red" Vance

Photos by
Jimmy "Big Red" Vance and JeepLass

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A Quieter Moab
Fins & Things

On Saturday we headed out to Fins & Things. 4Lo4Hi and JeepLass visit Moab on a regular basis and know most of the trails very well. 4Lo is a Member of the Red Rock 4-Wheelers. Red Rock is the club that puts on the Easter Jeep Safari. 4Lo also has some friends and fellow 4-wheelers who live in Moab. One of 4Lo's friends is Tom. Tom drives a late model 4-Runner with ARB's in both ends, he has also ripped out the IFS frontend and dropped in a straight axle. We were lucky enough to get Tom to lead us on this trail. Tom is the Trail leader for Fins during Easter Safari on Big Saturday.

Moab shot
Fins-n-Things is a fun trail, lots of small ledges to crawl around on
Moab shot
Moab shot
Moab shotMoab shot
Of course we have to show the TJ flexing
Moab shot

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