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Story by
Jimmy "Big Red" Vance

Photos by
Jimmy "Big Red" Vance and JeepLass

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A Quieter Moab
Lookout Trail

Saturday evening we headed out to Lookout Trail, This trail is off of Potash Road right after the entrance to Poison Spider Mesa. Its a scenic trail with no real obstacles, but you do need high clearance and 4wd to get through.

Moab shot
It makes you wonder what holds these rock formations up. JPDog's jeep in the background gives you something to judge size by.

Moab shot
We did get a little rain during the weekend. I thought this double rainbow was kinda cool. The afternoon high temperature was 109 all weekend. We could see the rain coming out of the clouds, but with the heat, it would evaporate before it hit the ground. Except for the one day on Poison Spider when it was early evening and had cooled off, the rain actually hit the ground.

Moab shot
The views of the area are just awesome. The worst thing about pictures is you really can't get a good idea of the size and depth

Moab shot
A huge piece of the canyon wall fell many years ago and blocked the trail. They had to tunnel under it to open the trail back up.

Arches National Park