Easter Jeep Safari 2000
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Story by George Jessup

Easter Jeep Safari 2000

Day10 - Heading Home

As you can see from the pics, I put a tarp over my four old tires strapped to the cage on my TJ. The idea was to help the air ride up over the tires instead of catching inside them like a plane putting up its wing flaps helping it to stop. The wind was so gusty, though, that the tarp was ripped to near shreds within 30 miles. Murphy, maybe. Maybe not, because if I had not╩decided to stop to╩pull off the tarp at the next turn-out, I would not have seen the look in the eyes of the kids broken down there. They were kind of stumped while staring into the hood of their truck.

"I was passing a truck and then nothing. The engine would race, instead of accelerate, and the truck just coasted to a stop." They had pulled off. Luckily, during this pass no one was coming the other way. I poured a couple of quarts of my ATF into their somewhat empty transmission and off they drove to Moab for repairs. I pulled the tarp off and on I went.

I got to I-70 and headed toward Salt Lake City. Once again, I took a short cut thru Salina and on to I-15 near Provo. I think I got kind of lost, because I ended up on some highways I did not remember from before. It did not matter too much, because each new turn had an arrow saying "Salt Lake." I just followed along and enjoyed the scenery.

This time,╩the drive thru Salt Lake City was uneventful. In Salt Lake I picked up I-80 and aimed my TJ toward home. Every time I stopped for gas and or food Jake tried to refuse getting back in the Jeep. He was tired of the drive too.╩

After much driving, a little sleeping then driving and driving and driving and driving etc., I made it to╩Jessup NV. I have planned to stop by here several times since Jessup is my family name. To the╩naked eye it's pretty desolate. Kind of depressing when I think about it, but then again,╩I guess it is a bustling metropolis of critters and things crawling.

Next was Fernly Nevada. There I opted to stop off to see a former student of mine and her family. My stop in Fernly reminded me of how╩wonderful it is for a coach/teacher to watch his students grow up and watch their lives and families growl. Ashley went to the prom; she's a teen now, sister Mindy is getting married, and Dad, Walt is enjoying the job he took three or so years ago and is prospering. Momma Kelly was shinning and brother Larry is building a formidable career in computers while still wowing the world with his music. They are wealthy, but not in the money way. I left feeling good. Someday maybe I'll meet a lady on the rocks who wants to build a family.

The next part of my trip was not as pleasant. I stopped to check on my renters in Reno who owe me mega bucks. My condo was trashed and I had once again got fined for the lack of maintenance on the unit. The maintenance is contracted to be done by the renters. Guess it's time for the Boot!╩

I made it home at 10:30 pm Sun. Evening and taught classes all day Monday and today (Tuesday). I died. I called into the Elm. School and grudgingly canceled my P.E. classes for the day and drug myself out of bed, unpacked the tires and a few odd things and did this article.

I have got several hours of teaching to do here at the academy (www.snowcrest.net/coachgeo) this evening, then I'll crash tonight. I'll be back to normal tomorrow because, well "I have got too." I'm back in the real world now.╩

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