Easter Jeep Safari 2000
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Story by George Jessup

Easter Jeep Safari 2000

Day 6- Rainy Day, Bumps, & New Things

On the 5th day, the 4-wheeling gods descended from the heavens and created wind and rain. The wind blew sage brush into the huts of the evil vendor empires, shutting them down as the rain beat apon the wheelers climbing on the back of our mother.

Me, I tried to catch up on articles and take care of some other business. As the rain let up I ventured down to find one of the little secrets of the Safari event. They are called Try and Ride tires. Now I am sporting 35" tires. Hmm my lift is set for 33's, so this should tell me where I will hit. Goodyear MTR's they are, and so cool a wheeling tool. Ugh... so poetry ain't my bag.

Ok. On with it. Now I spent the last few hours playing at the "Bump Dump". Finding my TJ a little backward tippy with all the rear weight, I am destined to just watch. Not that I did not try, but I know my limits and as I said before, as a gymnast, I know when my rig has a chance of tumbling.

Who else had fun? Check out the blue Blazer. Yep, the man, himself, and his wife; "Walker Evans." Man, that rig is so slick it makes me sick and kick because my (not going there) rig and big and chick...ok ok so rap isn't my bag, either. Any way, I had fun.


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