Molina Ghost Run
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Story by Troyce Severe


Molina Ghost Run, Clear Creek, CA

At the bottom, we decided to pull off to the side and watch a few others make the trek downward. What you don't see in these pictures, but was awesome to view, was that as each vehicle crested over the top ledge all you saw was the under belly until the front tires flopped over.

From the bottom was a short distance to a gully that started our climb back upward. This actually did not look all that challenging. It was a little steep, but straddling the ditch looked as if it would be a cakewalk upward. Well, it wasn't exactly a cakewalk, as a rear wheel slipped and in the process of attempting to climb out, the front end got a little airborn. In fact, it was so high and tilted to the gas intake side, that gasoline started to leak out.

Slowly, we backed out to take another line. After my front wheel stand, Jim decided to take a different line that worked much better. The remainder of the hill climb was indeed challenging and the trail was becoming increasingly difficulty as we proceeded along.

We arrived back at the mud hole where we stopped for lunch and watched others attempt the "hole." After a fairly quiet lunch we started our trek back down off of the hill and back to base camp. One last obstacle remained. Not long after the mud hole we arrived at the most challenging rock loop that Molina has to offer.

Most of this trail loop looked to be a dry creek bed that rambled among the thick brush. Here, much larger boulders were present, requiring that you chose the proper path and approach.

Jim had no problems all the way through this challenge. Unfortunately, it was not my day for picking correct lines, as several times I had the same problem of lifting my front higher than desired. At times, our front lockers provided that little extra pull for what did, indeed, turn out to be the most difficult section of Molina.

As we completed the last hardcore loop for the day, we still had a long drive of switch-backs back to camp. All in all, a good work-out and test of our winter-time improvements. What more could you want? A great day of wheeling, good friends, warm weather and no broken parts ...

For more information regarding the Clear Creek area contract :


District Manager
3801 Pegasus Drive
Bakersfield, CA 93308-6837
(805) 391-6000

Clear Creek Management Area is 30 mi. northwest of Coalinga, CA.

CAUTION: soils, dust, and water in this area contain asbestos which can be hazardous to your health.

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