Mr.Ed's Birthday Bash
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Story by Mr.Ed and TXJEEPER

Bet You Never Had a Birthday Bash Like Mr. Ed Had!

Dave gets stuck while test-running the trail.
After three days of work (fun?) it was considered "finished" and is now the "Best Landscaped Backyard in America," according to Ed.

Dave and Ed got on the phone and invited the gang over to play on the rocks and celebrate Mr.Ed's birthday. Ed says, "Boy was that fun to watch. Broken parts, totally stuck vehicles. It proved to be tougher than the toughest. We were winching, fixing, the loader was lifting 4x4s all over the place. We loved every minute of it. Dave wanted it to be hardcore and it is."

Dave called just about every hardcore wheeler in Arizona to come and celebrate Ed's birthday. Some drove a couple hundred miles just to be there. Of course, everyone had a great time, with free food, drinks, fun, and two birthday cakes with Ed's Jeep on them.

To date, there have only been a few to do Dave's backyard from beginning to end without winching or breaking something. Those known to have done it include Randy (Driven Auto Parts), Keith Melendy (Ed's son), and Dave Hickman in his Campbell Enterprise rig.

Mr. Ed would like to thank everyone who attended, and, of course, Dave Hickman for being such a great friend and landscaper.

Birthday Bash
Dave gets unstuck, but he wasn't the only one. Steve got his rig stuck during the party (photo on right). Good thing Dave kept the front loader handy for the festivities!
Tellico Trails
Birthday Bash
Randy gives it a shot in his Early Bronco
Birthday Bash
Other than the houses, it looks like a real trail...and the facilities are a lot closer!

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