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Story and Photos By, Dave Brill

Northeast 4WD Trailfest 5
Hosted by RegionD/Northeast of the East Coast Four Wheel Drive Association

The long wheelbase rigs had some problems with overhangs and rocker damage. Here, Dewey Johnson adds a crinkle finish to his S-10 Extra Cab."

Saturday's forecast was to be 100% better than Friday. By our 8:30 a.m. departure time, it was! This time, MaBell was on my docket. MaBell is rated 6-9, depending on whether you take the go around routes or the face climbs. There are several 40 degree or better faces on MaBell, plus lots of boulder work.

We were working our way up through Ford Corners when a call came over the CB. Jim Hober had broken his rear-end…again. (It seems as though every time this guy comes up from Pennsylvania he breaks the rear-end. Not really his fault). This time, the block/spacers on the rear spring perches have snapped in half, causing the axle to pivot up and destroy the driveshaft. Another trail guide responsibility is to see that everyone gets assistance and makes it back in one piece, so to speak. I ended up spending the rest of the day under Jim's truck. Dave Cleveland, my co-leader, again, did a fabulous job of getting everyone else through the trail and back to the hotel by 5 p.m.

Dave Brill's IFS 4-Runner ramping out an 880 on a 20 degree ramp, that's a 602 to you 30 degree guys

Saturday night was the big shindig. Full buffet banquet, videos, more raffle stuff and of course, camaraderie. We raffled off a set of BFG tires, Goodyear tires, Ramsey ProPlus 9000, 3 lockers, and lots more. The festivities lasted until (can you guess?) after midnight!

Well, so far I was having a blast and word on the trail was that this Trailfest was the best one yet!! Everything was running like a Swiss watch.




Clayton Walters clambors for traction on a face on MaBell
Dewey Johnson dragging his tail up "Two Faced




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