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Eric and the Postal CJ-8
Welcome Home D-Dog!
7/28 9:07 PM Eastern time, Clarksville, MD (my parents' house)
We're here. After fighting the only real traffic that we encountered on the entire trip on I-70, we pulled in here at about half past 3. Cross milestone #2 off the list! It was another uneventful drive, other than the traffic and the temperatures in the upper 90's. It was the first time that we were really uncomfortable riding in the Dog with the windows all the way down.

We arrived to a welcome home sign out front and a great breeze of air conditioning when we walked in the house. We unpacked my brother's stuff and came inside for some beverages and rest. My sister, mother and father all took a turn at the wheel without incident and my mom and dad both got Jeep waves while we were out!

Tomorrow I'm heading out early to make it around the Beltway and DC before rush hour. It will also keep me from driving most of the way in the 100° heat that we're supposed to see tomorrow. (Welcome back to the east coast Eric!)

I can't wait to get the Dog into the driveway at home for good and to see my beautiful bride again! I figure I'd better start kissing up now. It's going to take a while to work this little trip off    :)

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