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7/27 10:40 PM Eastern time; Columbiana, Ohio
We made it to milestone #1 and we were right on time, too! We rolled into the 4WD Hardware parking lot just after 5 on Friday afternoon and a parking lot has never looked so good. It was easy to spot the right place. One couldn't possibly miss the 30 foot tall inflatable Wrangler sitting out next to the road.

We met with the folks at 4WD Hardware and lots of them came out to check the Dog out. They were very excited to get out and take pictures, which was surprising to me, given the nasty state the Jeep's in right now. Very shortly thereafter, a local radio station interviewed me about the trip and the motivation behind it that was a lot of fun

The drive from Indiana was, thankfully, uneventful, other than the most vicious storm that I've seen in quite a while, that forced us off the road at a rest area. The windshield seal was leaking so badly that no amount of paper towels would keep up with it, and we shorted out the cigarette lighter socket at some point.

Today, we went to the Jamboree to check that out and I included pictures of the sweetest rides there. With all of the great trucks and Jeeps that were around, I had to keep the picture taking to reasonable levels, but I had to include a couple of the mini trucks that were nicer than most of the show rides out there. The dually was completely out of control and the '60 Willys was sweet beyond words.

Tomorrow we make the next to last leg of the trip to Baltimore to get my brother to my parents' place. It's the home stretch now.


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