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7/25 12:05 AM Central time, La Porte, Indiana
Our long push across the Midwest landed us in La Porte, Indiana late tonight. After some searching for lodging that included us asking for our money back from one dump because the water stank like the Sulfur Hot Springs from Hell and the walls reeked of mold, we made it to a reputable (but expensive) hotel and have crashed out.

Nothing much to report on the Jeep front. Nice weather for the drive and no problems. Had to finally add some oil to correct for the slight leaks at the plastic sieve...I mean valve cover, and the oil pan. The tranny is holding the new fluid fine and all else is well.

No pictures. I should have taken one of the Gates of Damnation... I mean the first motel room, but it's hard to focus when you're running at full speed and wretching.   :) On to Ohio and 4WD Hardware tomorrow!

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