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7/24 1:46 PM Mountain time, outside Rapid City, South Dakota
We camped for the night at the Devil's Tower National Monument, north of I-90, outside Gillette, Wyoming. This morning we headed out for Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, both of which are pretty incredible. I couldn't get over the sheer size of the Crazy Horse Memorial. I'd be interested to see it finished, but I highly doubt it will be during my lifetime, judging from what I learned about the construction while I was there. Mt. Rushmore was great and it looks so much better in person that it ever did in pictures. Every American ought to see it once.

The Jeep's doing ok. The exhaust leak sounds like it's trying to make a comeback, but it's not a big issue again yet so we'll keep our ears on it and hope.

We're planning on taking it easy today and hitting the Badlands National Park to hang out, fish and camp tonight. Tomorrow will be the big day back on the road to see where we can get. Ohio should be an easy two days from here on highway, so we're looking great.

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