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7/25 12:35 Central time, just west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Eric and the Postal CJ-8
South Dakota highway
We're heading across South Dakot, almost to Sioux Falls where we'll head south through Sioux City, Iowa and then on east, once we hit Omaha toward the Ohio Turnpike as far as we can make it today. We're making good time and I have to say (and Jason agrees) that the scenery isn't as boring as we thought it would be. We've seen a lot more trees and hills than I ever thought this part of the country would have. It's still pretty flat, but I think that portions of northern Montana were actually more flat.

At the last fillup, I put mid-grade gas in the Dog and it seems that she likes it. She's just got expensive taste. That means she'll fit right into our family! :)

Update: We made it to La Porte, Indiana tonight. 400 or so miles left to Columbiana and there ought to be time to hit the football Hall of Fame if we want when we get over that way. The Jeep's still running strong and is actually doing better running up hills and what not than when we started out. More from Ohio tomorrow.

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