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July 18, 2002 - 9:30 PM Alaskan time, mile 55 on Hwy. 1 between Glenallen and Tok, Alaska

Well, as you can see form the header, we're on the road. Aside from a little knock on hard acceleration, the Dog's doing very well and running strong. We've seen some incredible scenery and as I'm writing, I have to look up every 30 seconds or so to make sure I'm not missing anything, because the road is windy and each turn presents a new view. Neither Jason or I have slept while riding shotgun because the views are too exciting to miss.

We have been making good time and we're shooting for Tok or a little farther tonight. We should be right around an hour or so to the Canadian border when we stop.

We hit Glenallen for dinner and sandwiches at a deli in the grocery store in town and filled up with gas, even tough we had just under half a tank after the drive from Anchorage - around 150 miles. I was impressed.

Well, back to the scenery. Hopefully, to return after stopping for the night somewhere around Tok.


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