Ram River
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North Ram River Adventure
The Gap Trail

Gap Trail
If you head into these mountain trails, you'd better be prepared to get wet.

Gap Trail
And, just plan on servicing your differentials and driveline when you get home!

Gap Trail
During the winter and summer run-offs, the streams often change their course. This requires you to go upstream to get to the other side instead of simply crossing. You have to be extremely careful to watch for sudden deep spots. To Rod's right is a hole that would swallow a Jeep in a heartbeat.

Gap Trail
Bruce makes it around the hidden hole with ease. Many of the guys on the run were using the new Goodyear 3-ply Mud Terrain tires.

Gap Trail
The group was pretty much close to stock vehicles. Steve's TJ has a rear ARB locker and Bruce's Willys was locked. Other than mud terrains, the gang was fairly unmodified.

Gap Trail
Remember those beavers? The ants were just finishing their feast on this one.

Onward to the Gap!