Rosser Roundup
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Photos by TXJEEPER, Jenifer Farrington, Todd Rosser, Mary Rosser

Rosser Roundup '99
K Trail

After getting back on the track after the blown bead incident, we finally got the last 4-rated sections. We had sat around waiting so long, that going down the rocky hill wasn't enough for us. We had to go back up and down a couple times.

Rosser Roundup
This Cherokee gets a little bit of air coming down the easy side.

Rosser Roundup
After donating a tire to the Chevy, this Toyota had a problem with it's starter. Time to wait again!

Rosser Roundup
Rolling once again!

Rosser Roundup
Coming downhill was either a nice flexing exercise or extremely off-camber.

Rosser Roundup
Todd spots Pat down the hill.

Rosser Roundup
If blowing three beads wasn't enough, the Chevy then broke two u-bolt studs on it's front axle. We chained it back together and slowly moved on again!

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