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Story and Photos By, Dan Starc


Scott and Deb See in their YJ.

It is actually easier (and faster) to walk to camp than to drive, BUT we like the drive, don't we?

Dave gets some air coming down a boulder near Walker's.

Working a ledge somewhere between Walker and Little Sluice. My license plate frame reads "I'd rather be crossing the Rubicon"…

Scott and Deb took a chopper ride and provided us with this shot of the Rubicon Springs campground. The trail enters the camp from the left of the picture. Lake Tahoe is down, Georgetown is up.

The chopper comes in for the rescue.

Last year I dented a rear rocker panel on this spot. I got distracted for a second and CRUSH! You cannot get distracted on this trail, it may cost you…This year I attacked the spot with a vengeance (and with no damage!)

Dave gets out to assess the "level of stuck". It took some rocking to get him going again.

Matt worked his big V-8 to get out of this jam halfway up Cadillac Hill. The big, pointed rock under his front end fortunately missed all of the Grand Cherokee's vital components.

Our ever-growing traditional Sunday lunch spread at Lilly Lake. This is the main reason why I built a tailgate for my Cherokee!!!! Last year as we sat for lunch, Robin Williams (the comedian/actor) jogged by!

Lastly, a group shot. We'll be back next year, and the next, and the next…



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